Museume Vadva

Vadva Ashram is been undeniably blessed to possess artefacts from the divine life of Shrimad Rajchandraji. While they may be but human possessions, they reflect the vision of an extraordinary soul who continues to illuminate the path of self-realisation. The Museum is home to-
» One of the four original editions of the ‘Shri Atmasiddhi Shastraji’ written by Shrimadji himself
» A collection of original letters written by Param Krupaludev
» The hand fan which Ambalalbhai used, to serve Shrimadji
» A portion of the sacred tree on which Param Krupaludev gained Jatismaran Gnan (the knowledge of all previous births) at the tender age of 7 years.
» Utensils in which Param Krupaludev had food, cooked and served by Shri Ambalalbhai
» The bed and mattress used by Shrimadji
» Clothes and Turbans of Param Krupaludev
» Apart from these hallowed objects, the items and objects used by Bhai Shri have also been displayed in the museum.