Nadiad-Uttarsanda Vavaniya-Morbi Rajkot-Sayla Ralej-Vadva-Khambhat
Titthal-Dharampur-Bharuch Vaso Ahmedabad-Naroda Kavitha
Recommended Duration Places to See Significance
2 Shrimad Rajchandra Vihar Bhavan Nutan Jain Mandir built at the top of the Ghantiya Pahad mountain in Idar. Another noteworthy building is the Sadguru Prasad, popularly referred to as Shri Guru Mandir, which is built at the place where Shrimadji had given a discourse on the complete ‘Dravyasangrah Granth’ to seven monks.
Chandraprabhu Swami Deri
Pudhavi Sheela Cherish the sanctity at Pudhavi Sheela, where Shrimadji had recited and explained almost half of the ‘Dravyasangrah Granth’ to seven monks.
Memorial Built for Digambar Monks (Digambar Munioni Chhatrio) A complex housing the memorials built in the honour of monks. This place is located near Idar railway station. Param Krupaludev had instructed all the seven monks to visit that place.
Shwetamber Temple A beautiful Shwetamber temple built at the top of the Idar mountain.
Digamber Temple The serene temple built at the top of Idar mountain offers stunning views.
Bhurabawa ni Gufa A scenic area with a cave, lake and cremation ground. Shrimadji used to come here very often to meditate. It is believed that he stayed in the cave for nearly a month and a half. Today, there is a Mahadev temple in the cave.
Kanvanath Mahadev temple A frequent visitor to this beautiful temple, Shrimadji also regularly meditated here.
Ramanlal's chauki, Rukhi Raani nu Maaliyu Contemplate on your journey: and the events that have brought you here, to this place which Param Krupaludev frequented for meditation.