Nadiad-Uttarsanda Vavaniya-Morbi Rajkot-Sayla Ralej-Vadva-Khambhat
Titthal-Dharampur-Bharuch Vaso Ahmedabad-Naroda Kavitha
Recommended Duration Places to See Significance
2 Newly built Jinmandir and swadhyay hall & Old Swadhyay mandap Conveniently located on the NH8, this majestic Jinmandir and meditation hall is a must-visit.
Lake Lake where Shrimadji had mentioned that
Upashray of Naroda The minimalistic monastery where Prabhu Shriji spent the religiously significant four months of monsoon
Shri Rajnagar Subodhak Pustakalay (also knows as Lal Bunglow) Also known as Lal Bungalow, this was built by Shri Jesangbhai to honour the hallowed memory of Shri Juthabhai
Hathising ni Vaadi A small room, above the main gate of the sprawling private residence, was sanctified by Shrimadji’s stay there.
Residence of Shri Jesangbhai Sheth It was here, in Vikram Savat (VS) 1945 that Shrimadji had stayed with Shri Juthabhai one of this ‘four jewels,’ for 15 days.
Building in Ghanchi's pol in old city of Ahmedabad Yet another place sanctified by Shrimadji’s stay, this quaint place is located in the old city of Ahmedabad.
Saraspur Upashray The master’s words are meant to be assimilated like a talisman of truth. Upon instruction from Shrimadji, Shri Ambalalbhai had travelled to the Saraspur Upashray to meet with monks and explore the path that leads one to attain the ultimate goal.
Agakhan No Banglo In Vikram Samvat 1957, Shrimad Rajchandraji with His Mother & Wife stayed at Agakhan's Bungalow in Ahmedabad