Nadiad-Uttarsanda Vavaniya-Morbi Rajkot-Sayla Ralej-Vadva-Khambhat
Titthal-Dharampur-Bharuch Vaso Ahmedabad-Naroda Kavitha
Recommended Duration Places to See Significance
2 Memorial in Ralaj village. Transport yourself back in history, to the time when Shrimadji used to sit here, in the gentle shade of a Banyan tree by lakeshore, and talk about religion and ethics with devotees and followers. This memorial is 500mts away from Ralaj village.
Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram & Raj Kutir Some places have etched their presence in the annals of history, because of the extraordinary individuals connected to them. In Vikram Samvat (VS) 1952, when Shrimad Rajchandraji had come to Vadva, a small room outside a temple and next to a step well, was his home for 15 days. One day, conversing with some leading members of society, he gazed out of the window in the room. Pointing to a small hill that was visible, he said that it was “golden land.” He also predicted that a temple of Chandraprabhu Swami would be built there.
"Vaav" and The "Vad" Leave aside the everyday churnings of your mind, cross your legs and sit for a few minutes under the benign shade of the magnificent banyan tree. It was here, that Shrimadji would sit and preach.
Shri Subodhak Pustakalay The very first institution, as per the instructions of Param Krupaludev, is the Shri Subodhak Pustakshala, in Khambhat. It is a favoured place of devotees, who get together here for satsang and bhakti.
Sthanakvasi Upashray Let the utter devotion that Pujya Prabhushri (Shri Lalluji Muni) felt for Shrimadji, wash over you. Here, on the third floor of the Sthanakvasi Ashram in Khambhat, Pujya Prabhushri had met Param Krupaludev in solitude for the first time, and offered a Shastang Dandvat Namskar.
Shri Ambalabhai's House A remarkable piece of history, the house and the room where Shrimadji had stayed is preserved in its original condition.
Jain Temple Near Shri Ambalalbhai's House A beautiful temple near Shri Ambalalbhai’s house, which was frequented by Shrimadji.