The Shrimad Rajchandra Pathshala was established in Panchbhaini Pol, Ahmedabad, with a view of enabling devotees with the kind of experience, as the Vadva ashram. In a way, the Pathshala was an extension of the Ashram. It quickly became a favourite of the devotees in and around Ahmedabad.

But as the city expanded and people started living farther away, the number of devotees coming to the Pathshala decreased significantly. After several thoughtful discussions and constructive debates, the trustees decided to get a piece of land in Paldi area and shift the institution there.

They zeroed in on a place which would be in closer proximity for most of the devotees. A piece of land on the New Sharda Mandir Road, Jain Nagar was selected to build the new Shrimad Rajchandra Gyaanmandir. Respected Dr. Rakeshbhai Zaveri (Mumbai) performed the vidhi (process) of establishing the cornerstone, and the Gyaanmandir was finally built. A special festival – Panchanhika Mahotsav – was organised in 1996 to officially open the Gyaanmandir for the general public. The opening was marked by the presence of devotees, trustees and pillars of the society, and was a grand success.

The Gyaanmandir has a spacious Swadhyay Hall in the basement where three portraits of Shrimadji have been placed, along with those of ShriLaghurajswami, ShriSobhagbhaiand Respected Bhaishri in the Swadhyay hall. There is also a Gurumandir where Shrimadji’s idols in three different postures (Kausagga posture, Padmasan posture and Samkiti posture) are enshrined.