Raj Seva (Youth) Activities

Inspired by Shrimadji’s cherished ideals of universal love and peace, we are committed to furthering his ideals of self-realisation and non-violence.
Our mission is four fold:
» To inspire the younger generations to undertake self-realisation
» To engage with the younger generation and equip them to be empathetic, sensitive human beings
» To enable the younger generation on their path to spirituality through socio-educational activities
» To preserve, promote and sustain the hallowed ideals of Shrimadji
Under the guidance and to the benefit of our parent body, The Shrimad Rajchandra Nijabhyas Mandap & Viharbhavan Trust, we aim to positively impact the lives of people from varied backgrounds. Through our various activities, including pilgrimages, spiritual discourses, theological discussions, blood donation camps, programmes for the aged and the underprivileged, as well as programmes for animal welfare, we hope to reach out to youth across the world, and highlight the work of institutions on similar spiritual missions.


Blood Donation Camp
Blood donation is one of the Idea form of donation. It is a selfless action in which donor doesn’t know to whom the blood will be given, and the receiver do not know whose donation it is. Thus, the donor will neither expect any appreciation nor will the receiver feel any obligation towards a particular person. Th...
Ek Chiz Milegi Wonderful
The first event organized by Raj Seva Youth is a film 'Ek Cheez Milegi Wonderful. A movie, produced by GroupJyot, a not for profit organisation working towards social and spiritual value enrichment, has produced, directed and acted by well-known artists in the industry. This movie has successfully completed more th...