Nadiad-Uttarsanda Vavaniya-Morbi Rajkot-Sayla Ralej-Vadva-Khambhat
Titthal-Dharampur-Bharuch Vaso Ahmedabad-Naroda Kavitha
Recommended Duration Places to See Significance
1 na Kumbhdev Mahadev A place of great spiritual significance, Nana Kumbhdev Mahadev is a fitting place to begin your journey in self-realisation. It was here, in Vikram Samvat (VS) 1952, on the day after Sharad Purnima, that Krupaludev Shrimad Rajchandraji created his masterpiece of enlightenment, the ‘Shri Atmasiddhi Shastraji.’
Shri Dahyabhai Desai's House Steer yourself in the right direction with the brilliance of Shri Laghuraj Swami’s blessed words. It was here that he gave Shri Dahyabhai Desai the priceless wisdom that inspired Shri Desai to attain ‘Samadhi Maran.’
Shrimad Memorial Buliding near a Small Lake Soak in the tranquillity that inspired one of the greatest men to walk the earth. It was here, on the banks of a small lake near Uttarsanda, that Shrimad Rajchandraji used to sit for hours together and meditate. The memorial is 500mts away from Shrimad Rajchandra Vankshetra.
Shrimad Vankshetra Mandir Culminate your journey in self-realisation at the master’s feet. The Dhaneshwari Bungalow (original), Uttarsanda, was home to Shrimadji for about a month while he travelled from Vaso to Kheda.
Shrimad Rajchandra Swadhyay Mandir (Lakhdhirvas) The ideal place to introspect, this temple of swadhyay (study of the self) sees mumukshus (seekers of the ultimate liberation) get together for discussions and prayer meets.
Market of Morbi Faith that emerges stronger in its trial by fire is the right faith. It was here that Judge Shri Dharshibhai had held 'Chhatra' on Shrimadji was tested for his faith in Param Krupaludev.
Residence of Shri Vinaychand Popatlal Daftari Lakes where Shrimadji used to go for meditation