Nadiad-Uttarsanda Vavaniya-Morbi Rajkot-Sayla Ralej-Vadva-Khambhat
Titthal-Dharampur-Bharuch Vaso Ahmedabad-Naroda Kavitha
Recommended Duration Places to See Significance
1 Residence of Shri Zaverchand Sheth Explore the sublime love of devotee and master at this private residence where Shri Ambalalbhai used to cook and serve Shrimadji during the master’s stay in Kavitha.
Mahudi Memorial To be updated
Shrimad Rajchandra Mandir Guided by the hallowed memory of Shrimadji, the temple was inspired by Prabhu Shriji and built under his direction.
Gamot "Vad" Memorial The Banyan tree enjoys a great spiritual significance in the Indian culture. It was under this towering Banyan tree that Shrimadji used to sit and preach.
"Shamal Dosa nu Khetar", "Mithuji no kuvo", "Vijali Mata no Vad", "Dhainia no Vad", Equal parts quaint and vibrant, these assorted places have been sanctified by Shrimadji when he chose to meditate here during his stay in Kavitha