Upcoming Project Details

Vadva Renovation

Shrimad Rajchandraji referred to Vadva as the ‘golden land,’ that was the ‘best among the best.’ This sentiment of Param Krupaludev has drawn countless seekers from across the world to Vadva, where they’ve embarked upon their spiritual journeys through swadhyay, satsang, devotion and meditation.  

As guided by Pujya BhaiShri, serving seekers and devotees through the Vadva Ashram has been the pride and good fortune of the Trust.

Some of the projects that have been taken up to further our endeavour to serve you better are:

  • Building of the new RajKutir
  • Renovation of Swadhyay Mandap
  • Renovation of Guru Mandir
  • Renovation of Museum
  • Flooring in the open space of the Ashram
  • Landscaping and garden plantation
  • Construction and fortification of compound wall
  • New bore wells
  • Painting & decoration of entire Ashram